DHS vs Delta game brought memories

Reading the account of the recent closely fought game played on very slick and slippery turf (Herald, Aug. 24), I was reminded of a game played in Durango 72 years ago.

I was a member of the green-and-white Delta High School Panthers football team. We had traveled by school bus over three mountain passes to play against the red-and-white Durango High School Demons.

The Durango football field was located just west of the railroad tracks in an area now occupied by town plaza. It was a dirt field – no grass – and three days of steady rain had turned it into an ankle-deep mud field.

It was impossible to play really good football, but we had about as much fun as a bunch of young kids making mud pies!

The outcome of the game was different that time. Our running back – a fairly small fellow nicknamed “Rabbit” – managed to outfox the Demon defense for two touchdowns, and we went home with a 13-0 victory.

Some memory, huh?

Don Snyder